A true innovation of a classic hand tool


Now available: Non-sparking (ATEX) Safewrench
In Collaboration with AMPCO Safety Tools, we created the Non-sparking Safewrench!
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A slugging or a striking wrench is a common tool to loosen or fix bolts and nuts. It is used in a variety of situations, mainly in heavy industry.


A huge disadvantage of a normal slugging wrench, is the fact that you have to hold the wrench with one hand, while striking it with a hammer with your other. There is a risk that the wrench will fall off when it is struck. Also it is possible to injure your hand with the hammer or by getting stuck when the wrench moves.

The invention of the Safewrench puts an end to these risks. By integrating two spring washers the wrench will stay in place without the aid of a hand. This offers the following advantages:

  • The Safewrench fixates itself
  • The wrench does not fall off when struck
  • Stays in its position even when used above your head
  • Operate the hammer with more force and better concentration
  • Very suitable as a counter-wrench when loosening or tightening with hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic machinery


The Safewrench bans the risk of injuries to the guiding hand.